Drone Footage & Observation Services

ABP Drone Solutions have invested in one of the latest commercial drones available within the United Kingdom, offering the latest in technology and specification.

Our Pilot

– Ground Support Vehicles

Paul Bromfield


Paul has a strong analytical, problem solving and decision-making skills with a passion for making a difference within the drone services industry, paired with excellent communication skills and over 20 years remote piloting experience your project is in great hands.

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

With the advice of Paul and the valuable survey he completed, it prevented us from putting one of our operatives at risk working at height. They survey showed there was no problem with the existing structures roof saving thousands of pounds in labour and construction costs.


Paul has carried out a survey on my property as we were told we had a problem with our chimney stack, and it would cost a substantial amount to rectify. Paul confirmed there was nothing wrong and I challenged the so-called builders who rapidly left our property. I would recommend anyone to use his services.


I would like to thank all at ABP Drone Solutions for a job well done, I was filled with confidence from start to finish and was very happy with the end results. I would not hesitate to use ABP Drone Solutions again and would highly recommend.



Drone Roof Inspection Cost

People often ask ‘how much does a drone roof inspection cost?’ Interestingly drone roof inspections cost less than you may think. Particularly when you consider the other options available for roof inspection. Such as scaffolding the entire building or a section of the building to do a ‘in person’ inspection. Similarly hiring a scissor lift can prove costly if time…

Our Favourite Location For Test Flights

ABP Drone Solutions values time taken to test drone equipment, we ensure all UAV are maintained to the highest of standards whilst ensuring latest software downloads have been up dated to drone equipment. Flight testing & Safety are at the forefront and an important aspect of our business. When not conducting Customer’s contracts, we strive to test flight our drone…

Why Use Thermal Drones For Inspections

Utilising drones to conduct inspection across numerous industries have proven to minimize worksite mishaps, dramatically decrease time and increase data accuracy Thermal drone inspections can be conducted using various FLIR Systems attachments or drone, FLIR systems is the world’s largest producer of thermal cameras and drone technology. Their thermal cameras and solutions are ideal for validating roof thermal condition, as…

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