People often ask ‘how much does a drone roof inspection cost?’

Interestingly drone roof inspections cost less than you may think. Particularly when you consider the other options available for roof inspection. Such as scaffolding the entire building or a section of the building to do a ‘in person’ inspection. Similarly hiring a scissor lift can prove costly if time on site is extended due to bad weather for example. Also you may struggle to get close enough to the area needing inspecting. Therefore you would potentially still need to scaffold down the line.

For example last time the roof and tower inspection happened at the church below in 1994…It cost a whopping £800,000 for the scaffolding alone!

If you use drones for roof inspections instead you also reduce the health and safety burden. You save time, rescheduling is sometimes required if weather is unfavourable. However you don’t have to wait for scaffolding to be erected. From our arrival on site to footage commencing can be as little as half an hour. The surveys can take anything from 30 minutes to 4/5 hours depending on the complexity of the roof design. Also the amount of areas and scale of any damage. 

Footage is available instantly and whilst we will send you all of the footage after our visit. We always show you some footage during the visit to ensure we are capturing exactly what you need.

We can give you a fairly accurate estimate for your inspection remotely prior to your drone roof inspection to ensure you have a good idea of the cost prior to booking. 

The gallery below shows our roof inspection at Holy Trinity Church in Coventry, also footage of the old and new Coventry cathedral.