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Standard access methods covering large areas at height can be dangerous, extremely time consuming and very costly. The benefits of ABP Drone Solutions drone technology has epic proportions in relation to all aspects of your inspection process. The safety concerns that stem from working at heights greatly reduced. No risk is required when using a drone for inspection purposes.

ABP Drone Solutions’ fully trained drone pilot is capable of capturing high quality data in realtime, allowing full coverage of vast areas within a significantly reduced timescale. We can provide detailed inspection reports, allowing use towards insurance applications or legal procedures, or to use in conjunction with service or maintenance routines.

We can also provide you with live or recorded footage allowing you to inspect in your own time. You can expect our inspection procedure to begin within minutes of arriving at your work site, in comparison to days, or possibly weeks, using alternative access methods.

Due to the nature of the drone, more ground can be covered in far less time than it would take a team of inspectors, or a team of rope access technicians, drastically reducing your financial overheads. ABP Drone Solutions can also carry out inspection whilst your equipment is live (within reason) there is no requirement for shut down procedures which can also run into colossal expenditure.

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