Adding a new dynamic

ABP Drone Solutions are able to capture innovative and exciting aerial estate photography and or footage of property, land, estates and farms. From an aerial perspective, we are able to utilise our extensive background and experience behind a camera and our knowledge of drone photography and editing suites to produce beautiful bespoke aerial photography or footage and of the clients property.

An aerial shot or short film of an estate or property will generate further interest increasing its potential sale when included in the estate agents marketing strategy. Estate photography of a property or asset can give the promising buyer a better-informed look towards the scale and extent of the outside areas. An important part of any property saleability.

Drone property photography is more likely to draw the eye of a potential buyer over a standard ground level image giving your property the leading edge in the first instance. Our pilots will liaise accordingly capturing any details you deem important ensuring that you have the best possible outcome increasing the interest in your property sale.

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